June 17 -
June 23

Avocado Toast

Brunch — Simple

Crunchy Toasted homemade bread topped with a spiced avocado spread and smoked salmon.

Beef Pho

Dinner — Simple

Homemade pho broth with anise and fennel served this thick udon noodles and stewed beef.

Chicken Tom Kha Soup

Lunch — Simple

A Lighter option, bone broth simmered with lemongrass ginger and other nutritional herbs. Coconut milk is added instead of cream to give it a rich feel without the stomach ache. Served with chile paste for those who like it spicy. This hearty soup is filled with chicken and leafy greens. Fluffy steamed buns accompany this...

Sik Sik Wat

Dinner — Complex

Spicy beef ethiopian stew where the beef is stewed in red wine and chilies.